Karen Sings "Why Fight the Feeling"

This is the first live album of the exquisite voice of a premier interpreter of the American Songbook, described by Rex Reed as "thrilling," and The NY Times as having "impeccable style and musical intelligence," recorded at the legendary Oak Room.

“Karen Oberlin is a demure pop-jazz singer who radiates a subdued glamour… Beyond having a pretty voice, poise and interpretive insight, Ms. Oberlin is a thorough researcher who placed many of the songs in a historical or personal context… A smart, polished show.”
-- Stephen Holden, The New York Times

Live at the Algonquin

Karen Oberlin

Genre: Jazz: Jazz-Pop
Release Date: 2010

Marcus Sings "A Change Is Gonna Come"

Marcus's acclaimed multi-octave voice soars with ease through some classic and rarely heard tunes. All the electricity that sparked his most exciting show to date has been captured on this new live album.

"...if you could plug an electric cord into [Marcus] and channel that power to Con Ed, you could light up New York for a month." -Peter Haas, Cabaret Scenes

Everything Must Change

Marcus Simeone

Genre: Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Release Date: 2010

Marcus Sings "At Last"

Soulful, emotionally charged, multi-octave tenor possesses an astonishing technical facility fused with an emotional depth that is rare. Musical dynamics reveal awesome command of phrasing, texture and rhythm sounding more like a virtuoso jazz musician.


At Last

Marcus Simeone

Genre: Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Release Date: 2007

Karen Sings "Close Your Eyes"

In this elegant tribute to Doris Day, Karen delivers each song with warmth, honesty, and no frills, radiating positive energy as if she's by your side, singing in your ear.

"...if you could plug an electric cord into [Marcus] and channel that power to Con Ed, you could light up New York for a month." -Peter Haas, Cabaret Scenes

Secret Love: the Music of Doris Day

Karen Oberlin

Genre: Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Release Date: 2002

John & Bertram Sing "Cohen Owes Me Ninety-Seven Dollars"

John Wallowitch and Bertram Ross put their hilarious cabaret magic on CD: a collection of songs from Tin Pan Alley, Hollywood, contemporary selections, and 7 Irving Berlin rarities.

"Singing is about communication, and Wallowitch and Ross present a unique unified voice in their presentation of the material. Loved it, inspired, every singer, from opera to cabaret, can learn from this entertaining pair!"
-Dr. Ron Bowman    

Wallowitch & Ross

Wallowitch & Ross

Genre: Easy Listening: Cabaret 
Release Date: 2002

Christopher Sings "The Way It Goes"

A sophisticated, bourbon-smooth crooner of love songs with taste, style and intelligence.

"Like Christmas and birthdays, some things are always welcome and never out of style. Great singers are at the top of the list, and Christopher Gines is at the top of mine. He has taste, imagination and intelligence. This is a thrilling experience from start to finish."
-Rex Reed

The Way It Goes

Christopher Gines

Genre: Easy Listening: Love Songs 
Release Date: 2001

Karen Sings "Love Dance"

An eclectic set of jazz and cabaret tunes from the '30s to the 90's, from Irving Berlin to Elvis Costello. Accompaniments range from piano solos by Grammy-winning Arturo O'Farrill and the ever-tasteful Fred Hersch to sultry bossa with guitar and sax.

"Because singer Oberlin is an artful straddler, moving gracefully between show tunes, jazz, and pop, it comes as no surprise that on My Standards the definition of standard is pleasantly fuzzy. "
-Josef Woodward, Entertainment Weekly

My Standards

Karen Oberlin

Genre: Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Release Date: 2000

Berri Sings "This Moment"

Ballads, standards from classic Irving Berlin to today's Wallowitch. Smooth, sassy, sultry, smoky. Enhanced by Lee Musiker and Jay Leonhart.


Blame It On My Youth

Berri Blair

Genre: Jazz: Jazz Vocals
Release Date: 1999

Tracy Sings "Life's Been Kind"

Sensual adult contemporary, with cool, bluesy grooves. Well-crafted songs with thoughtful, passionate, personal lyrics, and soulful vocals

"Tracy is a true artist - pouring the passion, craft, talent and fun of songwriting into these beautiful, often sassy songs. Her voice is mesmerizing, chameleon-like - she's heartrending here, naughty there... She's a tremendous spirit and I will gladly keep this CD in my iPod for a long, long time"
-Hector Cortis

Feast For The Heart

Tracy Stark

Genre:Easy Listening: Soft Rock
Release Date: 2006

Michael Sings "Secret Love"

Contemporary gems, an ethereal collection of songs that tell a story--songs perfectly suited to Michael's soft baritone voice, intimate phrasing and musicianship.  


Sweet Dreams

Michael Ferreri

Release Date: 2000


Tracy Sings "Fluffy World"

Thoughtful, personal, passionate lyrics and well-crafted songs backed by cool grooves. Always soulful vocals, with a range of quiet radiance to emotional urgency. Has been described as Joni Mitchell meets Ray Charles.  

"Tracy Stark is an immensely talented composer,singer,musical director,and pianist. Her music brings chills to my spine. "Portrait" is bittersweet & compelling. "Fluffy World," with it's lush Jazz influences,is breathtaking!"
-Michael Vaccaro

Canvas Of Dreams

Tracy Stark

Genre: Easy Listening: Soft Rock
Release Date: 2000

Christopher sings "One Day at a Time"

A bourbon-smooth crooner with taste, intelligence and excellent musicality.

"Chris Gines has done us all a favour by bringing a lot more of them out of hiding and, what's more doing it with style and understanding. (The last two tracks are absolute show-stoppers.)"
-John Cox

CG Sings Charles De Forest

Christopher Gines

Genre: Easy Listening: Crooners/Vocals
Release Date: 1995